Writer's Block

Hi, in this video I am going to talk about EXPRESSION. Expression has been a major challenge for most of us because we have not trained ourselves on expression. Most often we have trained ourselves only on information and after information, we think we will be able to express but we suffer quite often from a problem which is called as WRITER’s BLOCK. Writer’s block is like when you have got things inside you, in your heart, in your mind, stomach wherever, but then you are not able to actually have them penned down or they are not coming on the papers. I would like you to use a tool of BLOCKBUSTERS which we have and the writers have been using. Break them into 5 Ws and 1 H, the flow starts coming. But then, that’s not going to really take you to the level where I am interested in taking you to as far as expression is concerned. For that, I would like you to TRY and DEVELOP the skill of JOURNAL WRITING. Take an issue, you can possibly imagine that you would have written a diary in your school days. Maybe some of you are still writing. Everybody is very happy for writing. But diary writing is something where you chronologically arrange the things as it happens. But journal writing is the expression being taken to the paper. Take an issue and see what you feel about it. Initially, you will find it very difficult to express yourself, and then you may be suffering from those writer’s block I was talking about just now. But, then this is one skill which gradually improves as you go on writing more and more. In fact, I would like you to write ONE journal every day. Write one page, half page, quarter page, two pages, whatever. Express yourself. And you must have seen a lot of times when you see some article in some sentences, you feel like I wish I could write like that. But these people, if we are talking about, they did not write the first day. They took a while before they came to that level. And for that, you have to be practicing. And you know when you should be starting this preparation? After watching this video. Right now! You have to start right away. Don’t wait. Don’t wait that you will be writing good one day and then you will be that day happy with your own writing. You have to be a few hundred times unhappy with your writing. You feel like not showing to anybody for a few hundred times before you feel confident about them. And that’s a process will gradually, gradually sink in. And I would be very happy if you start journal writing from tonight itself. All the best!