What If Not

Well, this is one issue which a good number of you are often concerned about- that, WHAT IF NOT. That is, if I am not able to succeed in my life in the thing that we have got, do I have a fall back option? Well, I think that’s a good idea that you should have a FALL BACK OPTION, you should have a reserve parachute. But then I think there is some time, some stage in your life when you should not have a plan B. In fact, your plan A should be plan B, plan A should be plan Z also. There should not be a fall back option. Because quite often when you have a fall back option, you are not moving ahead with full vigor because you have something to fall back on. In fact, I would say, if you want to fall, fall FORWARD. And that is you are taking slightly closer to your goal. And that is what I am actually interested in. No fall back option, fall forward, I promise you are closer to your GOAL to some feet I am sure. Never be afraid of failure. In fact, if you are working just hard enough, you will fail the failure. The failure will retire and then run away. You will be one person who will get STRONGER with every failure. That’s where you and the others are different. If you are not scared of failure, you trust yourself there’s no way that you cannot actually go closer to your goal. You would definitely go. But the important thing here is that are you REALLY interested in plan B? Are you devoting and giving energy to plan B? Or you are just having plan A? And this is one stage in life where you should not have plan B. because somebody you are competing with is actually having only ONE plan. It concentrated and basically got all energy focused on one target. And that’s what is important. You give your 100%. The task is so big it can never be completed. You may not achieve everything you wanted but then if you save some energy to give to some other goal, you didn’t give your 100%. Give your 100% without any fall back option and this is some stage of life, I am not asking you to execute this whole life. But I am asking you to do it for sometime till you have this goal accomplished. If it is not accomplished, you fail with dignity and that’s what I want. Give your 100%. Don’t say that I am having my energy here and my energy there also and then I am trying to do that. That’s not the way. In your age, give 100% and then there’s no fall back option, only fall forward option and I am sure one day you will get your success. All the best.