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2 Videos Covering Toppers' View on Various Topics of International Relations

KSG is the production house of the toppers of UPSC for 10 years. Now they are opening their gate to other aspirants as well through the Power Classroom Program. In these videos, the viewers will get a sneak peek of the classroom discussion to understand the preparation level and depth of knowledge they achieve with the help of KSG.

Why this?

There is a huge difference between a normal classroom with power classroom. The students are treated with attention and care so that the teachers can find out the drawbacks and work on them as much as possible. They are encouraged to bring out their best in order to give their best in the exam.

Importance of International Relations in Civil Service Examination:

The international relations cover in paper 2 of civil service examination along with Indian polity and Governance. The students must focus on the bilateral relation of our country with foreign countries along with the approach of the Government to strengthen the strategic relationship.

Issues of International Relations (2 Videos)

AIR - 1 CSE 18, Kanishak Kataria - Views on Similarities bw South Korea & India

AIR - 1 CSE 18, Kanishak Kataria - Views on Chaebol System Policy of South Korea