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2 Videos Covering Toppers' View on Various Topics of Optional Subject

To get into the success list of the IAS qualified candidates, the Khan Study Group is one of the reliable names in India. They know the tricks to guide the students on the right path. Their experienced faculty brings out the best of the students to help them to perform best.

Why this?

With the help of technology, KSG has designed a special power classroom program. The candidates are getting benefits from this training model. All the students must be prepared to their level best to perform their best in the IAS examination.

Importance of Optional Subject in Civil Service Examination:

The optional subject for the Civil Service Examination has 250 marks each in two papers. There are 25 subjects the students can select. They must select the optional subject according to their best ability. Apart from those 25 subjects, they can also select the regional languages as the optional ones. 

Issues of Optional Subject (2 Videos)


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