In light of the recent trends and pattern of the Civil Services examination which has transformed into a dynamic application and understanding based exam, there is a need to move away from rote learning to understanding concepts, developing good comprehension skills along with learning how to access and process knowledge independently. KSG’s Edge Program is devised keeping in mind these new insights to enhance the preparation of candidates in a wider and broader sense. On the one hand, it embodies in itself, the all-round development of an individual candidate; on the other hand, it leads to progressive development of the innate abilities that gives aspirants the much requisite ‘extra edge’.

The KSG Edge program is based on four pillars. The first pillar is our ‘Edge Forum’. The Forum intends to guide the aspirant in discovering themselves, by identifying and nurturing their potential to the fullest by creating a platform for them to discuss and raise queries related to strategy, preparation and subject material. This allows the candidates to broaden and refine their outlook towards critical and important issues and creates a deliberating and contemplating community of aspirants.

The second pillar of the program is the ‘Answer Writing Skill Development Programme’. In the UPSC examination, ‘Writing’ not only represents the utterances one has in mind, but it is inherently an integrative process, reflecting the organization of ideas, facts and experiences of the aspirants. This programme is a rigorous, comprehensive and exhaustive daily answer writing program for serious and sincere aspirants. It tries to sharpen, enhance, strengthen and augment your answer writing abilities in consonance with the requirements for the Mains examination through proper feedback and guidance. Through the various packages available under this programme, we will work on your ability to contextualize, represent and structure content and facts as per the needs of key words in the questions. Our Evaluators and Mentors will simultaneously identify lacunas in your answer writing abilities and guide you on how to transcend and strengthen these lacunas.

As answer writing has its own place, potential and importance in the UPSC mains examination; under the third pillar of the Edge program which is the ‘Daily Answer Writing’ program, a representative question is uploaded on the website daily; aspirants can attempt these questions and upload their answers on the website for our expert evaluation.

The fourth pillar further strengthens and expands our commitment to give you an edge in the mains examination. Under the ‘Daily Evaluation program’, you can upload answers attempted by you as per your discretion for evaluation by our mentors and expert faculty. It is here, where we teach the difference between bt, by encouraging aspirants to imagine and invent and not reinvent the same wheel.

The KSG Edge Program aims to demystify the Civil Services Exam by instilling confidence and competence in candidates. It tries to transcend the realm of rote learning by providing a synthesis of knowledge and skills. In turn making the learning experience more concept driven not content driven. The program ultimately tries to make your Civil services journey more engaging, meaningful, stimulating and convenient.




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