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Don't let excuses become your reason to fail. It has been a settled fact now that UPSC CSE Prelims exam will have a large chunk of the Dynamic part.

You made your fundamentals so strong, still, if you don't update it, your fundamentals would be covered by the sand of time.
Facing failure is not easy.

You need courage and brevity to stand up once again. But if you don't rethink your strategy, you are still under the cover of sand

Importance of Current Affairs:
1. Top-up to your PT marks by at least 30-40
2. UPSC doesn't ask difficult events, but considerably important events.
3. Easy to grasp, and relatively easier when it is in Q/A format.
4. The easily identifiable section which might appear in the paper

Current Affairs is indispensable in UPSC Preparation and has over the years gained more importance in Prelims Examination.

We are starting with a New Batch of Current Affairs Tests Series.

Overall there would be 600 Questions, which seems to be most important for this Year (2020).

Also, we are giving 3 Comprehensive GS Tests and 3 CSAT Tests, included along-with the batch.

Click here to view/download Schedule of Batch 1

Click here to view/download Schedule of Batch 2

Fees for this Test Series is Rs. 999/-