NEEV - NCERT For Effective and Early Victory


UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) Preparation or for that matter any civil examination preparation starts with some foundational studies. NCERTs are supposed to be playing lead role in that foundation building.

While reading NCERTs is recommended, yet having someone make you understand what to read, what to leave and how to connect dots not only of NCERTs but NIOS and other important State Boards books can enhance your learning skills and build your foundation ever strong. As the adage goes :

“Stronger the foundation, taller the buiding”.

What one Can Expect in KSG’s NEEV Program ?

NEEV program will be approximately  45 days program in which

  1. 2 hours sessions according to the schedule given
  2. Post Session Tests
  3. Crisp and effective Notes delivered
  4. Faculty Support

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