The Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) will expand the Gujarat Refinery in Vadodara where it will invest Rs 24,000 crore in six different projects, including India’s first hydrogen dispensing station, said Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas.


  1. These projects will expand the present capacity of Gujarat Refinery in Vadodara to 18 million metric tonne from 13.7 million metric tonne and will also provide 25,000 direct and indirect jobs.
  2. Today India is the third biggest consumer of energy. Today, natural gas or clean fuel consumption accounts for six per cent of India’s energy basket.
  3. The global average is between 23 and 24 per cent. But for Gujarat, this average (for natural gas) is 26 per cent.
  4. IOCL will also facilitate the development of emerging fuels, including setting up of India’s first hydrogen dispensing station in Gujarat.

Types of Hydrogen

  1. The colours denote the source or method used to produce hydrogen.
  2. Green’ hydrogen is produced by electrolysing water using power from renewable energy sources such as wind or solar.
  3. ‘Grey’ hydrogen is obtained by separating some of the hydrogen molecules in natural gas.
  4. Hydrogen produced from coal or petcoke, the end product of refining, is known as ‘brown’ hydrogen.
  5. Hydrogen sourced from carbon capture and storage is known as ‘blue’ hydrogen.
  6. Hydrogen from biomass and plastics is known as ‘white’ hydrogen.