News Excerpt
Retrofit of Air-conditioning to improve Indoor Air Quality for Safety and Efficiency (RAISE)—Anational programme has been launched. It is a joint initiative of Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) and the US Agency for International Development’s (USAID) MAITREE Program.

•    Market Integration and Transformation Program for Energy Efficiency (MAITREE): It is a part of the US-India bilateral Partnership between the Ministry of Power and USAID and is aimed at accelerating the adoption of cost-effective energy efficiency as a standard practice within buildings, and specifically focuses on cooling.
•    Indoor Air Pollution Monitoring & Management: An initiative under National Clean Air Programme (NCAP),It refers to the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of air in the indoor environment within a home, building, or an institution or commercial facility.

    The RAISE initiative can potentially alleviate the issue of indoor bad air quality in workspaces across the nation and pioneer ways to make them healthier and greener.
    EESL has undertaken a retrofit of its office air-conditioning and ventilation system.

    Poor air quality has been a concern in India. Indoor pollution is a worrying factor, as it reduces productivity. Most buildings are not equipped to establish and maintain healthy indoor air quality and need to be upgraded.
    As people are returning to offices and public spaces, maintaining good indoor air quality is essential. ‘RAISE’ could play a significant role in moderating indoor air quality.

Ambient Air quality, Air Quality Index, SAFAR, National Clean Air Programme