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China is considering establishing a BRICS innovation base.

●    China is considering establishing a BRICS innovation base to strengthen cooperation among the five-country bloc including India in sectors like 5G, AI and digital economy, industry and information technology.
●    China is actively considering setting up the base in China in order to strengthen practical cooperation among the members, which include Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS).

    China’s interest in promoting 5G within the BRICS bloc could be part of its interest in pushing tech giant Huawei internationally – Huawei’s name has come up as a contender to build the network in Brazil and South Africa even as it is embroiled in controversies in other countries.
    Huawei has a big presence in India, it’s been here for 20 years making up 30% of Bharti Airtel Network and 40% of Vodafone ideas network.  So, to pressurize India, China recently proposed this BRICS 5G innovation base.
    Calling it the BRICS innovation, it wants the five nations to have practical cooperation in the areas of 5G and AI. This poses a question towards India which has excluded China’s involvement in its 5G network.
    A high-level committee on 5G is opposed to including Chinese vendors including Huawei and 5G trails. Indian intelligence also had reservations on the possible direct or indirect links of several Chinese companies including Huawei, with the Chinese military. India has banned 59 Chinese apps citing national security concerns and it is also tightening Chinese investments following the border skirmish at LAC.
    India’s policy has not been very clear regarding its foreign policy on China. On the one hand, it faces the risk of escalation near LAC and at the same time, it is a party to many trades and diplomatic engagements with China like RCEP, RIC grouping, BRICS and SCO.

India should not allow its critical infrastructure to be managed by an openly hostile nation like China. The government in India is yet to decide Huawei’s fate in the country but all and all, India needs to ban entities which pose serious challenges to its security.

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    BRICS is the group composed by the five major emerging countries - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa -, which together represent about 42% of the population, 23% of GDP, 30% of the territory and 18% of the global trade.
    The acronym BRIC was coined by Goldman Sachs in 2001 to indicate the emerging powers that would be, alongside the United States, the five largest economies of the world in the 21st century.
    In 2006, BRIC countries started their dialogue, which since 2009 takes place at annual meetings of heads of state and government.
    In 2011, with South Africa joining the group, the BRICS reached its final composition, incorporating a country from the African continent.