Yellow fungus or mucor septicus

Source: By Deccan Herald

Although the second coronavirus wave is finally showing signs of retreat with fresh daily cases dipping to their lowest since mid-April, a spate of fungal infections have followed in its aftermath — the latest being a deadly “yellow fungus”.

A patient recovering in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad was diagnosed with yellow fungus while already infected with both black and white fungal infections. Yellow fungus can be fatal as it originates internally and makes it more difficult to identify and treat the disease.

Yellow fungus, or mucor septicus, is a fungal infection that medical experts say generally does not occur in humans, but in lizards. Experts suggest that these rare fungal infections are afflicting people as treatments for Covid-19 that involve steroids and immunosuppressants have weakened the body’s natural immunity.

Lethargy, weight loss, reduced appetite are seen as common symptoms of the infection. However, if the infection is not identified on time, symptoms could become more severe, including the leakage of pus and slow healing of wounds, sunken eyes organ failure, and necrosis, in which cells in living tissue die prematurely.

Is it more dangerous than black and white fungus?

Yellow fungus is treatable if detected early, although the fact that it arises within the body can delay its detection and make it potentially harder to cure than black and white fungal infections. Additionally, the yellow fungus could cause organ failure in some cases. However, there are no clear studies or comments by experts that give an exact figure on its mortality rate.

What are the causes of yellow fungus?

High levels of humidity beyond the 30-40% range promote the growth of fungus. The main cause of the fungal infection is said to be poor hygiene. Old food and improper disposal also contribute to the growth of the fungus.

What is the treatment for yellow fungus?

The only known treatment for yellow fungus is the Amphotericin B injection, an antifungal drug that is also used to treat cases of black fungus. Symptoms should be monitored closely and patients should be rushed to a hospital immediately.