There is a possibility that the Indian General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAAR) and tax treaties signed by India with countries such as Mauritius, Singapore and Cyprus and even other nations such as Netherlands may be partially or totally overriden by the Multilateral Instrument (MLI) to implement tax treaty related measures to prevent Base Erosion and Profit Sharing (BEPS).

India became an Associate member of CERN on 16 January 2017 with the Indian government completing its internal approval procedures in respect of the agreement it had signed with CERN on November 21, 2016.

Niti Aayog has sought data on digital transactions from them within 10 days so that they can be ranked on the basis of initiatives taken to promote less-cash economy.

Twenty five children which include 12 girls and 13 boys have been selected for the National Bravery Awards – 2016.   Four of the Awards have been given posthumously. The coveted Bharat Award has been conferred on 8 year old Late Km. Tarh Peeju of Arunachal Pradesh, who sacrificed her life in an attempt to save two of her friends from drowning.

The world’s lightest mechanical watch revealed is a key step forward into the development of more widespread applications of graphene, officials at the University of Manchester said. Graphene, first isolated in 2004 by Nobel-winning scientists at the university, is just an atom thick, and is expected to revolutionise the automotive and aerospace industries.